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Grote dank vanuit het Drochia Hospital

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Stichting SMHO heeft een mooie dankbrief ontvangen vanuit het Drochia Ziekenhuis in Moldavië. Hieronder is de dankbrief te lezen. Foto’s van het project vindt u onderaan.

Dear Mr.Boer,

These days I will send you letters of thanks and pictures from hospitals.

Here are from the District Hospital in Drochia, they sent pictures before and after, I assume they photographed other rooms where they did not change the beds because the walls and floor are not the same, but at least you can see what beds they have in these institutions.

The 3 trucks with beds I shared at 6 hospitals and a locomotor recovery center.

During the pandemic it was not possible to visit the inside of the hospitals, we discussed with the administration about their problems.

Please, do not mind if I send you some hospitals needs, who knows maybe in the future it is possible to help.

In Drochia, in addition to the necessities they have I consider the more important need is the ambulance, you can seen in the picture, with this ambulance they take patients in case of need to other institutions to Balti or elderly homes and other…..but for severe patients who need to be transferred under special conditions or even to Chisinau hospital the Hospital have to pay for the emergency service to come from 112.

The hospital in Drochia has a total of 240 beds, children, adults, of course the ambulance is very important.

Please, if you have the opportunity to help with a ambulance in the future, then I will try to do my best to look for sponsors to pay for the method to bring it to Moldova(of course I’m not talking about a new ambulance the main one to have the years that can be registered in Moldova ).

Thank you!

Best regards,


Klik op onderstaande knop voor de originele dankbrief van het ziekenhuis voor de geschonken goederen.
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